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Second Storey aka Al Tourettes is Alec Storey, Norwich rasied, London living producer of electro-techno-IDM with a melancholy akin to Rephlex or Detroit Underground releases. A proudcer of sublime bass driven, sonically and emotionally complex and meticulously crafted tracks that deftly display a balancing act between the delicate and the riotous.

009 | Margosa Heights

Al Tourettes, reborn as Second Storey with a brooding, sci-fi electro-techno sound. As with Dylan Richards aka King Cannibal's seqs-change into House Of Black Lanterns for the same label, 'Margosa Heights' comes from a darker, more complex quadrant of Al's headspace, freeing him to express the melodic intrigue and clinical breakbeat splices of 'Arpy Garble' alongside the radiophonical sound design and mercurial swing of 'Still Seas / Just Mortal', or the memory implant eeriness of 'Hebridean Mind Tours' and the title track's crushed robo-soul techno in a coherant, pulpy sorta narrative.

024 | Shaman Champagne

Fizzing techno of Shaman Champagne' and corresponding remixes by Perc and Aden aka Machinedrum. Like Untold or Randomer, Second Storey boots UK techno into more wayward new shapes here, whereas Perc takes it right back to knuckle-dragging industrial pound and Aden (Machinedtrum) gives it a kinky electroid boost.

033 | One Sound / Layer Lock

Backed with new cut 'Layer Lock' and corresponding mixes by Cristian Vogel and Luke Vibert. With 'One Sound' Storey gives old skool wonky techno a boot to the behind with his flash production palette, whereas 'Layer Lock' dips to a more tetchy, skittish Breakbeat coda. Vibert splices 'One Sound' with stacks of junglist stabs, jazzy fake-outs and tussling drums; Vogel carves 'Layer Lock' into an advanced, polymetric techno sculpture.

063 | Bismuth

Bismuth runs on a complex machinery of burbling synth patches, tight drum edits and rubbery delays, but it's housed in a sleek new electro framework and augmented by a crafty way with melody, Storey's music has rarely sounded so invigorating. UK electro is in rude health just now, but Bismuth stands out in particular as a record which encapsulates much of what makes the scene not only so exciting, but vital too. This is proper mutant funk.

082 | Lucid Reworks

Berghain’s konstruktivist poster guy Dettmann impresses with a swanging, strobing re-roll of No Such Location, shotting rave stabs from the hip on a big swollen bass in the Positive mix, and then clenching down to the tighter electro-funk of his Negative mix.
Radioactive man, ever ready for an electro revival, does his tweaky thing with Moesha Moved To Margate, and The Exaltics yokes Ajunlei 8 to a virulent, pneumatic Drexciyan throb.


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