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006 | A Small Murmuration

Houndstooth present the emotive full length debut by Ross Tones (Throwing Snow) and Hannah Cartwright as Snow Ghosts. Like Various Production before them, Snow Ghosts occupy an etheric space between modern bass shapes and more timeless folk and pop song-writing with 'A Small Murmuration'. Producer, Throwing Snow has tempered his wilder tastes for Footwork / Jungle / Garage / Hip Hop in ten cinematically-scoped scenes, including a highlight collaboration with Blue Daisy, constructing an immersive album powered by robust rhythms but dominated by the HD-rich scenery and Hannah's spectral vocals. Like we said, the Blue Daisy collaboration, 'Covenant' is an arresting centrepiece, a dark fantasia of symphonic synths and dynamic drum tension, following a theme set with the LOTR drama of 'The Hunted' and traced thru the sweeping strings and folk swoon of 'Murder Cries' to the expansive, Beth Gibbons-like downtime of 'Time Listens' and the Massive Attack potency of 'Untangle Me'.


011 | And The World Was Gone

The term "folk-metal" has been bandied around in reference to Snow Ghosts, and if those words melded together strike the same kind of panic into you as they do me, you might be put off ever actually listening to the group. Fear not, though: the piercing, ethereal product of this collaboration between Ross Tones and Hannah Cartwright (AKA Throwing Snow and Augustus Ghost respectively) bears a far greater resemblance to The XX than to anything inspired by Viking mythology. 

"And The World Was Gone" pairs Cartwright's haunting vocal about loss ("You said you'd wait forever / But I blinked and the world was gone") with Tones' crashing, thunderstorm bass and a folkish guitar line. Roly Porter pairs Cartwright's vocal with brutalist walls of noise on his remix. The results are a revelation, dolloping yet more menace into an already ominous brew. Calibre's remix is straightforward drum & bass, a skittering breakbeat underpinning the original's vocal and plaintive guitar. Closing out the package is a beautiful acoustic cover version by Kahn, which suggests the Bristol artist's talents extend well beyond the bass music for which he is currently known. [Words: Resident Advisor]

034 | A Wrecking

Snow Ghosts return with album two, ‘A Wrecking’, the follow-up to their 2013 debut ‘A Small Murmuration’. Sharing a mutual influence of the shadowy elements of British folklore and the heavier side of experimental noise, a disparate array of references combines to form Snow Ghosts’ bewitching and intoxicating sound. Ross Tones (aka Throwing Snow) and Hannah Cartwright (Augustus Ghost) are now joined by multi-instrumentalist Oliver Knowles (EXES) to pool their individual inspirations, ideas and styles under the moniker of Snow Ghosts. Less focused on rhythm and more on melody and instrumentation, ‘A Wrecking’ ebbs and flows to mirror the vocal meanings; the guitars reflect the sea with panning and reverb effects while a haunting electric violin slips in and out of the record’s consciousness."


070 | Husk

Prurient serves the big highlight on Snow Ghosts’ Husk, which combines their Lied and Vetiver EPs with an thorny 11-minute remix of Lied by the Hospital Productions overlord. Off the Lied EP there’s the titular mix of metal and folk modes and the Riverdance stageshow styles of Decorate My Bones, whilst their Vetiver EP supplies the speedy angst of its title cut and the trip hop epic, Dawn, whereas the strung-out synths of Undertow were originally found on Houndstooth’s Tessellations compilation.
However, they’re all overshadowed by looming spectre of Prurient’s take on Lied, where the arch American noise maverick replaces Hannah Cartwright to a much bleaker scene of BDSM atmospheres and clanking techno also familiar to his Vatican Shadow output. [Words: Resident Advisor]


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