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Guy Andrews is a London based musician known for creating dark, atmospheric music by combining an array of influences from post-rock, techno and electronica to create expansive cinematic masterpieces.

Having scored for world-renowned photographer Nadav Kander, as well as collaborating with Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja in the past, ‘Tåke’ sees Guy Andrews working with acclaimed musician Alev Lenz on the haunting and stunning track ‘The Clearing’ and the sinister and pulsating ‘Feelings’. Her music was recently featured in the final episode ‘Hated in The Nation’ of season 3 of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror.

After a period of writing and producing ambient music under various aliases, Guy Andrews’ eponymous discography includes music for the critically acclaimed Hemlock record label, Erased Tapes and Scuba’s Hotflush, gaining support from tastemakers Bonobo, Massive Attack, Mary Anne Hobbs, Ulrich Schnauss, Max Cooper and Ben UFO.

HTH 049 | In Autumn Arms  (7" dinked / Colour Vinyl)

London-based producer Guy Andrews is renowned for creating textural electronic music, combining influences from post-rock, techno, ambient and afrobeat. After releasing on Hemlock, Hotflush and Pennyroyal, scoring for photographer Nadav Kander, and remixing Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja, he makes his Houndstooth debut with ‘In Autumn Arms’.

On the title track, a simple guitar melody falls melancholically over a bed of synth loops and string ensemble, while snares and thundering drums meld with distortion to heighten the tension. ‘Let Your Shadow Decide’ is the A-side’s darker, downbeat counterpart, opening with tremolo strings and a weighty bass-line, while emphatic drums build toward the track’s climax. Although seemingly disparate, Guy’s use of wall-of-sound noise and softer strings is skilfully mixed, carried forward by the stark guitar lead. 

Cut and mastered by Matt Colton, the 7” single is pressed to dinked vinyl in autumnal orange, and limited to 300 copies worldwide. 

HTH 055 | Our Spaces  (2 x LP Gatefold)

Good things come to those who wait: after spending a year looking for the right plug-ins, synths and signal chains, London-based producer Guy Andrews presents his well-wrought full-length debut Our Spaces. The album also marks the experimental electronic artist’s debut, which – after more relentless outings on Pennyroyal and polyrhythmic exercises for Hemlock – subsumes his creative development.

Instead of restricting himself to clearer, one-directional aesthetics as on those previous releases, Our Spaces sees Andrews incorporate more unfamiliar elements into his electronic music pallet: his arrangement of gentle guitar melodies and cleverly distorted strings over galloping drums in the powerful single ‘In Autumns Arms’ works as an excellent example for this new approach.

However – texture, having always been one of his focus points, persists as the defining element. It’s the soft distortion that runs like a golden thread through the album, yet allowing tonal nuances to filter through.

HTH 062 | Our Spaces: Reworks  (12" EP)

Fresh from live performances at Bonobo’s Outlier festival, The Quietus stage at The Great Escape, and supporting Max Cooper, London-based production virtuoso Guy Andrews revisits his acclaimed debut album ‘Our Spaces’. Informed by audience reactions at these shows, he takes two of the LP’s standout tracks and reconfigures them for the dancefloor, with devastating results.

Meanwhile two like-minded artists tackle the album’s lead single ‘In Autumn Arms’. Max Cooper crafts a formidable collage of IDM textures, with staccato beats punctuating the lilting guitar riff, whilst DJ Mag’s former ‘Best Breakthrough Producer’ Ben Pearce takes the track into the main room, turning in an elemental 4/4 floor-burner.


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