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Bundle includes both of 18+ LPs, their limited edition 7" dinked record, 12" Remix EP featuring Suicideyear from the amazing LuckyMe label and Mr. Mitch who releases on Planet Mu and runs the Gobstopper label. Finally the solo project of 18+ member Justn Swinburne as jj18 on CD

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Trust  (2xLP)

Houndstooth present the debut album from 18+, ‘Trust’. The band, Boy and Sis, have operated since 2011, evolving through several media formats of music, performance and visuals which graphically explore identity, gender, sex and morality. 

The sound of 18+ has bewitched its audience; sonics which are at once over-bearing and subtle, the delicate voice of Sis spitting sweet nothings over fucked-up beats and hooks which permanently hack their way into your subconscious. Their mixtapes have existed in the internet’s dark underbelly, and their debut single ‘Crow’ sold-out of physical copies in unbelievable time. 

8+ have been performing unique shows in art galleries across the globe and will be doing select shows in the last quarter of 2014. 

 Dry  (7" dinked vinyl)

‘Dry’ is the second single from the debut album by 18+, ‘Trust’, which was lauded from Dazed to Mixmag to Dummy, who named it in their top 5 LPs of 2014. The formerly shadowy US duo, now revealed as Samia & Justin, have operated since 2011, evolving through several media formats of music, performance and visuals which graphically explore identity, gender, sex and morality. 

‘Dry’ is a trap homage dripping with innuendo and coded lyrics draped over a backdrop of gun cocks and pitch-shifted chants. On the flip, brand new track ‘Body’ is a woozy call-and-response that unnervingly brings together sex and disorientation. 

They Remixes  (12" Vinyl EP)

Houndstooth rope in a class selection of turns to rework 18+'s 'Trust' album for the bedroom and the 'floor. Suicieyear casts a Palmistry-like dancehall spell over 'Cake'; Mr. Mitch really impresses with two trippin' mixes of 'Nectar' - an oily, grimy 'Lights Off' grine, and a haunting, slo-mo 'Lights On' ace; Príncipe's Tia Maria Produções rub it up for the best Lisbon dances and beyond; Puerto Rican rapper Audri Nix asserts her own vocal on 'Crow' with strong flow. [Words: Boomkat]

Collect  (2xLP)

18+ return with ‘Collect’ - their most ambitious and powerful work to date. Recorded collaboratively between Justin and Samia’s respective Berlin and Honolulu residences, the album is a product of their physical geographical distance and autobiographical individual growth: the fragmented meeting of displaced minds, reflecting on society’s interaction in a variety of contexts, from platonic, to professional, to economic.

18+ initially existed anonymously, while shows at the Venice Biennale, CTM Festival in Berlin and London’s Frieze Art Fair built more excitement for their identities to be revealed. Following the success of their 2014 debut album ‘Trust’, which garnered acclaim from the likes of FACT, Dummy, i-D, Rolling Stone Germany, Pigeons & Planes, The Guardian, DAZED and Interview Magazine, Justin and Samia’s profiles were thrown into public domain.

jj18 - jjs prayer  (Grip bag, CD and sticker insert)

Justin Swinburne, one half of 18+ will be releasing his first solo mixtape as jj18 on limited CD, a continuous digital file and via streaming services. jj's prayer will arrive alongside a 48 minute visual. jj's prayer is as political as it is personal - spanning themes of disaster, fantasy, the presence of avatars in today's social spheres, identity and co-dependency and the realities of being alone. While 18+ was a project that touched on the relationship between two people, jj18 is about an individual attempting to piece together their own narrative of identity in an increasingly fragmented world. 
Born in Los Angeles now living and working in Berlin. jj's prayer, jj18's debut mixtape, features music and videos made over the past 5 years in LA, Berlin, Moorpark, London, Lofoten and New York City.


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