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Call Super is the primary moniker of Joseph Richmond Seaton, a DJ and musician from London who has carved out his own place in the landscape of electronic music. Defined by a meticulous approach to the composition, production, art direction and presentation of his work, every release encapsulates Joseph's idiosyncratic vision. It is a colourful world that gives life to the shadows and throws a mist over the boundaries that have become so commonplace in electronic music  - here we have three fantastic slabs of wax with either Joe's own artwork or his father David Seaton.


013 | Black Octagons

Informer confessed a curious identification & involved all six law-enforcement data campaigns adopted patterns that had campaign obsessions in the form of nitrate dealing within Tokorozama Prefecture she fled alive at this point poisoned is what was understood under a false name in order to adopt the Dewsbury Severance case or intensify guilt she befriended with intent to wed under cyanide conditions that led to job in a hit-bound cardboard-box factory allowing still premature conditions hitherto confirmed as Eastern tides allow to close Senna sibling death sentence. Black Octagons.

041 | Migrant

Call Super here produces two melancholic, uniquely textured techno drivers. 'Depicta' turns out a tuffened 4/4 groove rent with finely layered harmonics and bristling with atomised electronic structures bound to sound amazing on a big rig. 'Acephale II' is a shade deeper, riding clipped, muffled kicks and fizzing percussion into blue, atmospheric synth zones recalling '90s classics from The Connection Machine or early PAS and The Black Dog.

068 | New Life Tones

Beautifully mercurial ambient house anomalies from Call Super.
Puppet Scene is a perfectly pensile piece of ambient dub, plumbing heavy subs into a melting ecology of glassy flutters and wistful arpeggios ripped right out of some ‘90s raver’s lushest chill out room reverie. If that one leaves you floating, then New life Repercussions gently brings us back to earth for a dance with murmuring tribal percussions offset by an morphing sound sphere of harmonic thizz and sighing flora.


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