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Aïsha Devi is a trained soprano exploring the power of sound and voice with her performances - and wants to push her music into new dimensions.
She tries to break away from the western sound harmonies and instead of triads and chords prefer to explore the space between two halftones. For many, this may initially be unsatisfactory - a beautiful chord sounds to our ears finally perfect - Aïsha Devi sees in working with semitones but a way to spiritual transcendence.

043 | Conscious Cunt

Under the cutting title, 'Conscious Cunt', Swiss-born, Nepalese-Tibetan artist Aïsha Devi explores notions of "womanhood, spirituality, materialism and societal pressure" for her Houndstooth debut. Arching up with escalating trance arpeggios and bruised bass palpitations before a spectral denouement introduces her pitched vox in 'Kim & the Wheel of Life', she continues to pursue stranger, processed vocal timbres in a beat-less recitation of an Urdu poem by Pakistani feminist Kishwar Naheed, 'Aurat (Tool)', and scales up haunting chant and hard-textured synth to a captivating accumulation of energy and emotion.

056 | Of Matter And Spirit Remixes

Drawing on her Nepalese-Tibetan heritage, the Swiss-born Aïsha Devi has made meditation and spirituality central to her music, released on her own Danse Noire label before she signed to Houndstooth for the cheeky, female-focused Conscious Cunt EP. This past October, her Of Matter And Spirit album used the format to explore ritualistic themes in the context of bass music, where Devi's perverted vocal manipulations continued to steal the show. It was a provocative trip through cataclysmic dance music. 

These remixes are equally on point. Lakker turn the aching plod of "Anatomy Of Light" into one of their atmospheric broken-beat techno romps, honouring the original's poignant pop by letting it seep out at the end. NTS Radio host and recent Ninja Tune signee Throwing Shade flips "Kim & The Wheel Of Life," transforming one of Devi's more industrious works into dreamy, technicolour synth pop. Berlin-based yoga zealot Mind:Body:Fitness and Young Echo troupe Killing Sound finish the package with two versions of lead track "Mazdâ." The first is a fidgety, percussive club re-rub, while the latter is a skulking dub overhaul with fresh lyrics from MC Rider Shafique and blushed vocals by Bogues. On a record centered on the complexity of processed voice—often mangled into something alien and inhuman—it's nice to hear humanity restored. Of Matter And Spirit Remixes is a delectable reflection of its source material.

Abul Mogard turns the plangent, Bjørk-meets-Jon Hassel vibes of the original into a cinematic swell of synth brass and diaphanous vocals that wouldn’t sound out of place on the Bladerunner 2049 soundtrack. 

094 | DNA Feelings

Coming into her own in a similar way to how Arca and Lotic did on their respective solo opuses, Aïsha’s holistic approach incorporating meditation techniques, metaphysical research and ritual practice, results in a hyper-natural helix of ideas binding avant-pop nous into almost theatric backdrops where her ideas play out in transfixing, abstract form.

Aïsha moves freely between her myriad voices - from seraphic anguish to helium rave diva, thru Tibetan throat singing and autotuned R&B vamps - in a richly embroidered soundscape of sawn-off rave stabs, field recordings and weightless sensations synthesised to suggest the infinite metaphysics and feel of a place out of time and space. 


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