Penelope Trappes - Eel Drip

“‘Eel Drip’ Is about honouring the dead, the passing of lives within you and beyond you” Trappes explains. “It’s about physical or emotional change, acknowledging fears, and being true to yourself… reaching your full potential.”


Eel Drip sees fragile arpeggiated electronics and hazy vocals swell to a celestial hallow. It sets a delicate, unhurried sense of peace that flows throughout the EP’s four tracks - both sparse and gentle, yet rushing with light and emotion.


The accompanying video was directed by Agnes Haus and inspired by artist Francesca Woodman’s 1970s series of nude self-portraits with Eels.

Of the video, Penelope comments: “In the process of changing and shedding past notions of myself, there is another world between the past and the future. An eternal state, unknown, warped, slippery, free. Submitting to change, dying… being reborn.”

Summoning the great ghosts of vintage 4AD and Kranky, the Australian singer and producer makes inky dream pop that’s as heavy and welcoming as a weighted blanket in winter. Eel Drip is referencing the Celtic Goddess of War and Death, Morrigan, The Phantom Queen. 

She is a shapeshifter known for being a goddess of war and battle, the cycle of life and death, and is also associated with wisdom and prophecy, magic and the land.Often portrayed as a trio of sisters who appeared as a crow, she was the keeper of fate, teller of secrets and purveyor of prophecy.

...In her tales and prophecies there were Crows, Ravens, Wolves, Vultures, Eels and Cows.

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